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About Us


Equality!!! yes, we advocate equality, equal rights. equal opportunities, equal pay and equal respect.

We, at ADiBha She Vision wish to change the status quo and work towards ensuring that every girl or woman is independent to choose ,dream and achieve. We work towards ensuring that every girl gets the right on her body and ready to take informed decision.


SHE for SHE ! , is our motto.

In this world where only equality should prevail, we work towards women empowerment, her rights, her health issues. At the same time we understand our responsibilities towards the planet ,the mother earth and keep no stone unturned to serve the mother earth.



ADiBha She Vision is taking steps to create awareness amongst rural areas, tribal sectors and urban slums about MHM( mensyrual hygiene management) and helping the WASH projects of the Govt. Of India. We are committed to bring period equity and eliminate period poverty in all the sectors and strata of society with a specific focus on the marginalized section.


” Educate, Accept and Respect” ,are the pillars on which our programs and sessions are designed upon.



We are a team of changemakers. Everyone is making a conscious effort with lots of dedication to work towards the goal we have decided together.


Change is inevitable and it’s a journey .We are in our journey to bring significant change in the society and the mindset of people and we believe dialogue is the only solution to advocate change

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