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Be The Change

I will be a volunteer who stresses on equality and menstrual hygiene in rural Karnataka. We have to encourage our women to be open so that men know periods are normal. Children have to be educated about women so that they respect women. They have to treat women with dignity.

Jaya Prakash Gaddipati

Society has placed a taboo surrounding period and menstrual health as if it should be ashamed of. This is natural and miraculous process that ultimately kept human species alive. I pledge to speak up.

Sunita Parmanik

Working as a teacher makes me more responsible. Though our education system lacks adolescent education, I pledge to break the silence on menstruation.

Avantika Pandey

Cultural beliefs often forces us to be silent in women issues. We need to make period related talk absolutely normal. I pledge to initiate period talk in my family.

Mariam Jose

I couldn't speak about my first period openly back then. But I promise to bring an environment for my kids where they can discuss about periods and other adolescence topics among them and with parents

Rupsa Banerjee

Periods are not dirty. I pledge to be period positive and educate girls in my family and surrounding on menstrual hygiene and related health issues. We need to speak about periods openly.

Madhurima Bose

I pledge to break the stereotypes of not going to temple, not touching the pickles, not entering the kitchen and support every girl who would go through it.

Arpita Mishra

I will not allow any jokes around PMS in my working space and office. I pledge to initiate conversation with my colleagues ,friends and family. I am signing period pledge.

Sam Menon

I pledge to talk about different menstrual products and I advocate menstrual equity. Because the stigma stops with me.

Archana Mishra

I pledge to educate girls and boys around me about menstruation. I pledge to break the silence and work towards normalizing periods

Devi Prasad Raiguru

I pledge to be period positive and build an inclusive society for menstruators. I will not joke or allow joke around PMS.

Nitin Gupta

I pledge to talk about periods openly.

Ruhi Singh

I pledge to talk about period and destigmatise menstruation. Let's be part of the change

Bharati Mishra

A stigma of life to be well cared

Mohammad Samir

I pledge to be period positive. I am committed to break the silence because periods are normal and not something to be ashamed of.

Anushree Dash

I support period equity and pledge to implement it

Anil Kumar Singh

I am taking a pledge to speak about period openly in my family and outside. I will not allow my daughter to feel ashamed of her periods.

Manisha Tripathy