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Period should not hold anyone back!

Period should not hold anyone back. PERIOD !

Period poverty is real. Period equity should be real, too.

Menstrual equity or Period equity, is commonly recognized definition refers to the affordability, accessibility and safety of menstrual products. But menstrual equity is not just defined by products — it is also about education and reproductive care. And it’s about finally ending the stigma around periods that has prevented not only decision-makers, but also healthcare providers, educators and individuals from ensuring that menstrual health is a priority.

There is no equity when half the population bears the financial and physical distress as a consequence of the reproductive cycle needed to ensure human survival.

We need to address stigma around menstruation in order to understand and fix the challenges people face around access to menstrual hygiene products. Embarrassment or taboos may prevent people from advocating for themselves, but if that stigma is removed — or even eased by talking through these issues — we as a society can move forward to address the needs of half of our population.

So let’s keep talking. Let’s keep acting. Let’s keep leading…

You’re amazing both when you’re bleeding and when you’re not. And it’s time everyone recognizes that.

We invite you to take a pledge to demonstrate your commitment to menstrual equity: de-stigmatization, affordability and access, sustainability and inclusivity. Simply agreeing that you believe in these core principles of menstrual equity demonstrates that this matters to ADiBha She Vision.

#periods_are_normal , an initiative by ADiBha She Vision

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